Jake Martin



When Jake was in high school, his father took an accounting course to further his career. When Dad brought the course work home, Jake would do the work too. Luckily for us, the time spent with his father those evenings was so enjoyable, Jake decided to become an Accountant. His father may not have known at the time that he wasn’t just taking a course, he was plotting a course for his son’s life journey.

Jake is great at filling out forms, balancing books, and doing tax returns. However, his true passion lies in using his God given talents to truly help others. Outside of the office Jake spends a lot of time volunteering: using his mechanical abilities to build picnic benches for parks, using his athletic abilities to coach youth football, and using his accounting abilities to help a non-profit organization. In the office, Jake uses his knowledge and wit to introduce business owners to methods and technologies that help develop their dreams and make their businesses run more efficiently.

Jake’s long list of talents pale in comparison to his number one trait: his ability to use his infectious smile to illuminate any room. His jovial, warm personality is valued by his clients and cherished by his work family at Landis & Associates. We will forever be grateful for those nights when a father did all he could to balance work, better himself, and still spend quality time with his son.