Gail Mowery, CPA

Manager of Individual Tax Services


Gail knew since high school she would become an accountant and is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). “I always loved numbers and what else would you do with numbers but accounting?” Even more than liking the puzzle of tax and accounting; she loves helping those who don’t love the puzzle. Gail becomes excited when she gets to resolve a tax notice because she knows she is helping ease the mind of a worried client. Her extreme drive to help others makes her the perfect fit for our Manager of Individual Tax Services.

Gail enjoys working at Landis & Associates because it allows her to maintain close relationships with the people she is helping. She is driven to do the right thing at all times and make life easier on her clients and coworkers. If she could, Gail would make sure everyone loved tax and accounting just as much as she does!

Gail’s enthusiasm doesn’t stop at helping people. Gail is very passionate about everything she does: her family, her job as a mother, the relationships she holds, the gym, golfing, and yes…tax season! Whatever she is charged with, Gail goes full force!