Meet Our Team

In a one-on-one interview, each of our employees was asked why they do what they do. It was no surprise that every team member had their own version of the same response:  

“. . . because I love helping people.”

Every member of our work family is employed because they are talented and represent the spirit of our company. The Greek word translated “helps” in 1 Corinthians 12:28 literally means “to relieve, succor, participate in, and/or support.” Those with the gift of helps are those who can aid or render assistance to others with compassion and grace. At Landis & Associates, we offer you our gift of helps.

Rich Landis

“Accounting? What’s that?”

Rich never dreamed of being a CPA as a little boy. The thought never occurred to him until his high school football coach asked him if he ever thought of pursuing a career in accounting. His reply was: “Accounting? What’s that?” When you meet Rich, make sure to ask him how that young man ended up with over 30 years of experience and his own hightech CPA firm.

Rich believes that in order to have a fulfilling life you have to utilize your Godgiven strengths. He found his calling in the accounting realm where he can use his analytical mind and his innate ability to clearly understand complex concepts to help those in need of guidance.

Being with people fuels Rich.  His greatest satisfaction is the look of relief on a client’s face in the moment a burden is lifted.  He is genuinely invested in every relationship and seeks to create an environment that encourages his family, work family, clients, and community to focus on the important things of life, to the praise and glory of God.

Crystal Eisenhower

“You want me to work in accounting?!?”

Crystal recently added together the numbers 110, 95, 45, and 15 and somehow came up with 504 . . . which explains why we don’t let Crystal do tax or accounting work. Knowing her aptitude for math, she never would have guessed she would one day be helping to run a CPA firm.  But with a background in Human Resources, Data Analysis, and Information Systems, Crystal is everything our fast paced, ever changing, technology-driven firm needs in an Office Manager.

Crystal loves her job because it allows her to dream up new ways to make the office run smoothly and seamlessly.  She provides the right-brained creative talent needed to visualize and direct the internal initiatives at Landis & Associates. In other words, she has the ability to see the forest and the trees. She has always enjoyed creating new things and reinventing the old.  These talents come in handy when assisting clients with vexing issues and keeping her colleagues up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.

Karen Quigley

“…undercover superhero…”

Karen grew up knowing her mother was an undercover superhero. Her father was self-employed and while he was out working in the business every day, mom kept the business running. Karen fell in love with the idea of being the partner behind the scenes, helping the business grow and thrive. She played the role of the behind the scenes partner for 30 years before stepping into the spotlight as our Supervisor of Operations.

Karen knows that accounting today is not like it was 30 years ago. It has always been an ever-changing profession with new twists at every turn of the calendar, but the number of new things seems to steadily increase year by year. That’s why Karen loves working at Landis & Associates. “The technology is the best thing about working here. The things we do to stay ahead of the curve and on the leading edge totally surpasses what everyone else is doing. With today’s vast changes you have to be diligent with foresight and forward thinking.”

Karen’s experiences offer us insight and a fresh perspective. Her nurturing spirit is perfect for her supervisory position.

Vicky Grinev

“…it just clicked…”

Vicky has an intense focused energy which makes quick work of arduous tasks.  In high school when Vicky took an accounting class, it just clicked for her; where others struggled with the course, she excelled as she does today as our Staff Accountant in charge of business relations.

Monotony is not for Vicky.  She comes alive at the opportunity for a good challenge and needs a lot of variety which is probably why Vicky appreciates the opportunity to assist clients with difficult problems.  Her prior experience in public accounting, coupled with the advanced structures and systems in place at Landis & Associates gives her the opportunity to do what she loves best:  Help businesses thrive.  “I know it’s a big help to them, and I like helping.”

Vicky’s knack for problem solving makes her difficult job look effortless. No matter what the task, she just gets it!

Kelly Byrne

“…the solve…”

Kelly enjoys “the solve;” she has always loved solving puzzles and riddles and was the one student in class who actually got excited when the teacher asked, “if the train left the station with 5 passengers…”

Her first job out of high school was keeping accounts at a dairy farm. After starting a family, Kelly discovered the world of public accounting where she could experience “the solve” every day; she specialized in payroll and taxes before joining Landis & Associates as our Payroll Specialist.

Kelly believes that the relationships we have with our clients are special. “Rich knows the clients better than most other firms.” These relationships are important to Kelly because she has a servant heart. When she is not tending to the needs of her clients and coworkers, Kelly is tending to the needs of her family.  Her gracious caring spirit and puzzle-solving skills are the perfect combination for every payroll need.

Gail Mowery

“…what else would you do with numbers…?”

Gail knew since high school she would become an accountant and is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). “I always loved numbers and what else would you do with numbers but accounting?” Even more than liking the puzzle of tax and accounting; she loves helping those who don’t love the puzzle. Gail becomes excited when she gets to resolve a tax notice because she knows she is helping ease the mind of a worried client. Her extreme drive to help others makes her the perfect fit for our Manager of Individual Tax Services.

Gail enjoys working at Landis & Associates because it allows her to maintain close relationships with the people she is helping. She is driven to do the right thing at all times and make life easier on her clients and coworkers. If she could, Gail would make sure everyone loved tax and accounting just as much as she does!

Gail’s enthusiasm doesn’t stop at helping people. Gail is very passionate about everything she does: her family, her job as a mother, the relationships she holds, the gym, golfing, and yes…tax season! Whatever she is charged with, Gail goes full force!